Eggnog was always a big part of how my Dad celebrated Christmas. When we’d make it out to his house on the afternoon of Christmas Day, he could usually be found with a big glass of it sitting beside him while we opened presents. Anytime we visited during the holidays, a pint of egg nog was always in the fridge.

Ben came across this recipe for homemade egg nog in November and set to work making up a couple of batches. First off, the amount of liquor in this stuff was insane– bourbon, brandy, rum– not to mention a dozen egg yolks (I know it’s called EGG nog, but still, that’s a whole lotta yolk!). The result was thick and creamy and as it aged (we tasted at least once a week for the 6 weeks it hung out in the fridge) it got mellower and easier to drink. Now for the holiday we’re all set to gift a boozy, festive drink that’s perfect for a long winter’s night.


We’re giving the nog in re-purposed liquor bottles (we’ve got plenty of empties after making three batches of the stuff) and I made this fun label to warn potential drinkers of the stuff’s potency. Lightweights beware!eggnogHere’s to a cold night and a drink to warm you up. Happy December, ya’ll!


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