Keep a Hat on Your Head

I’m no fan of winter, but this year’s schizophrenic season has my body a bit confused. Last week it was nearly 60 degrees and I heard a story on the radio that some bulbs are starting to sprout (!) nearly 4 months early. The only snow I’ve seen so far was when we were in Indiana over the holiday– Chicago hasn’t gotten any to speak of. And as a reaction to this lack of cold weather, I’ve found myself obsessing just a bit over adorable knit winter hats. I haven’t even pulled my own hat out yet this year, but I can’t help daydreaming about bringing one of these cozy little beauties home.

Cheyenne Hat from Ann Moore.

Weekender Hat from Quiet Tiger. (LOVE these colors!)

Earflap Hat from Sweat Meadowsweet.

Knitted Striped Hat from Bobo Choses. (Look how giant the pompom is– So funny.)

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