Celebrating Year One

We celebrated Henry’s first birthday this weekend– cake, Chicago style hot dogs and (his favorite) lots of wrapping paper. Still hard to believe it’s been a whole twelve months since the little man made his appearance. He’s pretty much the coolest kid ever, even when he won’t go to bed til 10pm and insists on knocking over the dog’s water bowl every chance he gets. Besides that, parenthood’s been pretty much a breeze ; )

Pictured (clockwise): Baseball birthday button assortment, Henry and his smash cake, Lamb cake gifted by our 96 year old neighbor, me + Hen, Celebration on Henry’s actual birthday, Shipping box that Henry’s custom-made Cotton Monster stuffed dog came in.

As part of Henry’s party invitation, I created an infographic retrospective of the first year. Since the invitations had to go out a month or so ago, we weren’t sure of the milestones that would be met in the final month and a half of Year One (hence the “First tooth” and “First steps”) but the kid ended up coming through with both, just in the nick of time.

Click here to see the full size version.

Looking forward to all the new adventures that year two has in store for us.

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