Well Loved

Much Loved is a collection of photographs by Mark Nixon that perfectly captures the saying, “Love is blind.” Capturing the tattered and deformed shapes of well-loved stuffed animals, you can’t help but think think how terrifying these creatures would be out of context. But thinking back on the years of love that brought them to this state, it’s actually really touching.

For my own part, I’m fairly certain that the bear above is the same one as my own Teddy, who’s been in my possession for close to 30 years. My brother and I got identical bears on year when when the local grocery store had a promo and sold them in a towering endcap display for months. My brother never got very attached to his but we still have it somewhere and that pristine bear has always been a sort of bizarro world contrast to my now flat and balding Teddy. I bought Henry a special stuffed dog for his birthday and wonder if it’ll someday end up well loved like these creatures.

Via Flavorwire.

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