Just Don’t Call It a Mommy Blog

Okay, you guys. You have to promise not to laugh.

Lately I’ve felt like a lot of what I’ve wanted to say online has been a little “off brand” for my abbeychristine self, much more kid-related. I want to respect the folks who like what I make, but maybe aren’t interested in the fact that my son’s new hobby is riding the dog like a horse. So I’ve given in and started an online mom-dentity. Someday soon I hope to get a blog off the ground (just please don’t call it a Mommy Blog), but in the meantime there’s a Twitter: Oh Henry. So, if you like tweets about how I’m jonesing for a poor man’s White Russian with the milk in the fridge, knowing full well I should save it for an emergency wake-up bottle at 2am, well then, I’m your gal.

In the meantime, I’ll still be keeping you updated on all things craft-related right here, as always. As long as the kid goes to sleep eventually, I’ve got time to whip up a batch of Bob Ross puppets and share them with you all.

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