In the Details

With all the recent upgrades to my studio (rearranging, painting the walls, and, well, actually cleaning things up…) I’m much more inspired to share photos of the space. Funny how getting rid of horrible wood-grain wallpaper and piles of crap will do that, huh? Gorgeous summershine doesn’t hurt either. Here are a few snaps from the past couple weeks of my favorite details, supplies and works in progress from around the studio.

It’s amazing that this system of embroidery floss storage works, but I swear that it does.

Felt scraps waiting for a new project.

Tools at the ready

Finger puppet buttons ready to ship with orders

Thrifted hardware organizer for keeping track of embroidery floss colors.

Supplies for a project I’ve been meaning to start for, oh, 3 months now? See, crafters have unfinished craft projects, too.

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