Lisa Congdon on Comparison

I’ve been mulling over this post by Lisa Congdon following her talk at Weapons of Mass Creation a couple weeks back. Reading Lisa’s thoughts, it’s really refreshing to see someone being so honest and real about her struggles as a creative– heck, as a person. In the post, she talks about working hard to ignore perceived shortcomings throughout her career (lack of formal training, age, etc) and just put her head down and make authentic work. And even when that philosophy’s been working for her, sometimes we all slip back into that bad space where you can’t help but think about how great all the other people around you are and how maybe you don’t quite match up. It’s amazing to read such an honest post from someone who was asked to speak at the conference for goodness sake, and yet still finds herself struggling with whether she has anything worthwhile to offer. It’s a really nice reminder that no matter how great or perfect or amazing we think anyone else is, we’re all just people with our own insecurities and issues. This is especially good to hear when you’re the kind of person who spends too much time on the internet (as I do) and sometimes find yourself getting down comparing your life other people’s picture perfect, social media-ready lives. Turns out we’ve all got our stuff, whether we’ve edited it out of the photo or not.


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