I was looking through a collection of prints I’d pinned a while back, trying to figure out if there was something that tied them together (other than the fact that I just liked them) when it hit me: it was the overprint. Overprint is the area on a print where the registration on the plates is just a little off and the inks print over each other. (I’m no printing expert, but that’s my understanding, anyway). In short, it’s the places where the inks mix– sometimes by mistake, sometimes for effect.

These days a lot of designers incorporate overprint as a technique, whether in their actual screenprinting or digitally recreated using opacity and blends, to bring a bit of playfulness to their work. Plus, it can be just plain beautiful to see how colors mix and call more attention to pieces coming together to create a whole.

“Music for Strings” album cover

The Bellrays poster by Bennett Holzworth

via Pattern, Fabric, Art, Paper and Things I Like

Yusuke Yonezu

Cyrus Highsmith

Sarah Bagshaw

Olivia Sautreuil

Thomas Slater

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