Stuff I Love Right Now

1. The Tudors (again) I mentioned the Tudors here more than three years ago when I watched Season one and two for the first time and since I finished Lost a few weeks ago I’d been looking for another series to pass the time while I work (they save so much time over choosing a new movie every time I sit down in the studio). Lucky for me, the later seasons are now available so I started from the beginning again. As it turns out, Season one and two were by far the best ones. I’m not finished quite yet, but am pretty sure that nothing will top Henry and Anne Boleyn’s one ridiculously melodramatic and sex-crazed season together.

2. Peach Tree Lane Locket

I bought this necklace on a whim and couldn’t be happier with it. So sweet and simple, and one of these days maybe I’ll get around to actually putting a picture inside.

3. Spaghetti Squash How did I not know about spaghetti squash before? I mean, I guess I knew about it, but I never realized how crazy this vegetable really is. It’s seriously just like spaghetti inside. How did evolution come up with such a crazy thing? It’s our win, though, because this stuff is great.

4. This Video

I guess the story is that the little girl kept hearing imaginary fireworks outside her room at night and couldn’t sleep, so they made this video together to distract her. Not sure it worked, but we’re the better for watching the adorableness. Henry and I have this on heavy rotation right now. (Also, I totally want to rewatch The Jerk again now.)  Via Gawker.

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