Studio Lately

Holiday prep is in full swing around here, though it’s counting less and less as prep these days and more, just, well, the holidays, I guess. The kick in the pants I gave myself to start early this year has left the season feeling less overwhelming so far, which has been nice. Nothing like getting a jump on your work for those evenings when the toddler decides that bedtime is optional. Here are a couple of studio shots, because productive mess is good mess, right?

Desktop with puppets waiting to be packaged and various project odds and ends. This will be clean again sometime in January, most likely.

One of many goals sheets. Watching those hash marks add up is the best.

These guys are orphaned Tenenbaums waiting for a third that matches their size. Matching sizes on puppet sets is surprisingly tricky sometimes since the margin of error on a 4″ puppet is tiny.

P.S. Don’t forget, today is the last day for my holiday early bird sale. Order now, before my desk truly explodes.

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