Stuff I Love Right Now: Nov 2013 Edition

1. Luther

Netflix has been recommending Luther to me for years, it seems, and even with my deep love for The Wire and Stringer Bell/Idris Elba it still took me a bit to finally give in. I did so after watching the first season of The Fall with Gillian Anderson, another good one, and thought “Maybe these British cop shows are more interesting than a thought.” Well, Netflix, you win again in predicting exactly what I’ll go crazy for. Luther was great, Idris Elba is so ridiculously compelling– it’s the total Don Draper effect: A character so flawed played by an actor so charming that you can’t help but root for him. I highly recommend checking the show out. Plus, Brit TV seasons are so short it’s an easy entry point for superfandom.

2. New Oxfords

The Oxford trend has been brewing for a while, right? I finally jumped on it and got a pair of Bass Enfield shoes the other day– a display model pair on Ebay for cheap, they were half-broken in already and so comfortable. I’m totally in love.

3. Yats B&B Recipe

Anyone from Indianapolis will know that this is a gamechanger. Yats started in Indy the same time I moved there in 2002 and it’s still the thing that I always have to get when I go home. Finding this B&B (black bean and corn) recipe online, well, maybe I don’t have to go home quite as often. (Just kidding. It’s good, but not that good.)

4. The Head and the Heart

The started listening the Spotify at work recently. Took me three years to embrace the headphones-around-coworkers thing without thinking I was being rude, but I’m loving getting a chance to listen to music regularly again. Falling down a musical hole, as you do with internet radio, I stumbled upon The Head and the Heart and this song specifically. It’s been a while since I found a new band that really grabbed me, but this one sure did.

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