2013 Year in Review

With the new year upon us, I wanted to take a quick look back at all that my little biz accomplished in 2013. My head is racing forward and scheming on the new things planned for the next few months, but it’s good practice to remember the highlights of the past 12 months. Here are some of my favorite happenings from 2013–With my new studio set up this spring, I wanted to share more work in progress images this year. I’m always fascinated to see behind the scenes with my favorite artists and makers, and hope mine were interesting to you all.After years of thinking and planning, I debuted my new puppet packaging over the summer. I can’t even express how thrilled I am to not be scoring and stapling puppet header cards anymore, and excited for the sleeker look of the new puppet packs. Oh, and a rebrand, too, which I didn’t talk much about because it was a sloooow roll-out. New logo and new yellow and aqua color scheme. Pretty fancy, eh?

I launched my Louis CK puppet back in March and celebrated the debut by blogging about the process that I go through to create and refine a new puppet. It was a fun challenge to be more conscious of the design process and remember to keep some of the not-so-awesome trials to share with you. The Orange is the New Black puppet set I made for Plush You was one of my favorite projects of the year, and I got a momentary bit of Twitter stardom when Taylor Schilling and Piper Kerman retweeted them. Months later, fans are still liking and retweeting that tweet nearly every day– crazy how internet things live forever, eh?

I joined Instagram in the fall and have been super into sharing stuff on there. Have you followed yet? I swear the rascally toddler pics aren’t the only thing I post ; )

This year I did two craft fairs– Indieana Handicraft Exchange in the summer and Detroit Urban Craft Fair in December. It was fun to revamp my display to go with the new puppet packaging/rebranding, and getting back into the craft fair habit. It’s always so refreshing to get out there and watch people interact with my work in person. Ben pointed out while we were at DUCF that not everybody gets to man a booth that makes pretty much everyone who walks by laugh. I’m a lucky gal!

An finally, no year end wrap up would be complete without a nod to my tiniest studio assistant. Henry’s input this year was both helpful, like a stint as spokesmodel he did for my new Omar bib product photos pictured above, and not-as-helpful, like his “assistance” with the puppet photo shoot below. Either way, you can’t help but appreciate his enthusiasm.Thanks to all of you for helping to make 2013 such a stellar year, and stay tuned– I’ve got big plans for the year to come!

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