Channeling “Inside Llewyn Davis”

I saw Inside Llewyn Davis over Christmas and fell in love instantly. I’m not always a big fan of the Cohen brothers, but this one was earnest and heartfelt, and surprisingly funny (serioulsy– John Goodman is a national treasure). The soundtrack has been on heavy rotation around our house for the past few weeks, so I relive the scenes from the movie in my head quite often.

Besides the music, my other takeaway from the movie was that New York in the 60s must’ve been particularly cold or, probably more likely, everyone had had the heat turned off in their apartment. Every character seems to wear a big, chunky sweater in nearly every scene and since Chicago has been unusually cold already this winter, I’m now obsessed with sweaters, too. And, since no obsession goes by without my searching Etsy to indulge it, here are my top picks for Llewyn Davis inspired sweaters to get you through the winter, Greenwich Village style.

Hand knit cardigan the color of the sky NY winter sky.

Llewyn was a merchant marine, so a fisherman’s sweater is appropriate.

This model is totally channeling some 60s folkie hair

And with that, I’m off to bundle up in a shawl-collared wrap and sing songs about seafaring and lost loves.

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