Valentines Day Food Passport, Revisited

A few years back, I featured a really clever Valentine’s Day Food Passport idea from The Spotted Fox, one of my fave blogs that sadly no longer exists. (Sniff, sniff.) I recently revisited the post after noticed it getting some traffic recently and realized I’d forgotten just how cute the idea was. Seriously, is there anything worse than rehashing the whole “Where do you wanna go?,” “I don’t know, where do you wanna go?” conversation? Too often in my house those exact questions end with an exasperated 9:30 run to Subway that leaves nobody happy.

The Valentines Food Passport takes a little bit of forethought to come up with all the restaurants to include, but once they’re collected, you need only consult the book the next time you’re hungry and idea-less. The cute colored sticker rating system (see the green sticker in the photo above) lets you score whether you liked the place so you can easily remember where to go back to. Plus, since all you really need is a pen and a mini-notebook, it’s the perfect quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift to make you look sweet and thoughtful, even if you actually forgot about impending the holiday till mere days before. Not that anyone would actually do that, right? 😉

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