Stuff I Love Right Now

1. Leggings Under Pants

The Arctic. I mean, our backyard.

Much has been made of this Polar Vortex winter, but from all the crazy cold I’ve come away with the best cold weather antidote: leggings under pants. Seriously, how did I not thing of this before? Sure, some folks go the long johns route. When I was a kid we always wore those to go sledding, but it didn’t occur to me until this year that leggings are basically long johns and could be worn on a daily basis. Sure, under skinny jeans I can barely bend my knees, but such is the price for not freezing to death.

2. Short Hair

It’s time for a trim, ya’ll. I keep finding myself fantasizing about pixie cuts and little bobs, which is a surefire sign that this mane needs cut. Yesterday, Ben said I looked like “a maid.” I’m guessing he meant the medieval kind, not Downton Abbey (really, I thought I was more 60’s Jane Birkin), but either way, I think it’s time to make an appointment for a new ‘do.

2. The Return of”Walking Dead”

I have such a love/hate relationship with Walking Dead. I totally acknowledge what a not-great show it is and find myself laughing at the clunky dialogue multiple times an episode. That said, every week I wait anxiously to watch the next installment. Also, bonus points for all “The Wire” actors that keep showing up, though it doesn’t bode well for your show if I only know them by their previous character’s names. “Look out for that zombie, Cutty!”

4. Spring Projects

I’ve found myself pinning a bunch of spring projects recently, most of them having to do with patios and plants. Sure, the one pictured from A Beautiful Mess could be done for indoor plants any time of year, but I’m dreaming for a front stoop full of green. (To achieve, this, though, I should probably remove the dead mums that are still out there from last fall. Doh.)

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