Queer Threads

Listen, you guys, I love Chicago. But occasionally there are moments where all I can think is, “Wouldn’t it be great if I lived in New York right now?” I wrote an article recently about the Queer Threads exhibition at Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, and as I was putting together the post I couldn’t help feeling jealous of all the too-cool New Yorkers who could go to see the show, and poor old me here in the Midwest too far away to see it. Boo hoo, amiright?

Ah, well, I’ll survive on pictures, because Queer Threads looks like a bang up show. The pieces explore GLBTQ experiences through thread-based craft and not only is the work featured completely gorgeous, I love that the premise brings together two outsider groups– queer communities and textile handicrafts. It proves that this stuff is asking just as many artistically and culturally important questions as any straight white dude’s landscape painting.

Chiachio & Giannone, “Familia Guaraní,”

I’m a sucker for craft, of course, and I love the feminist implications of elevating these “womanly” disciplines that were traditionally only done in private and never viewed as worth taking seriously. And besides that, the pieces in this show are also just plain fun– colorful, clever and funny while still critiquing culture and subculture in thoughtful ways.

L.J. Roberts, The Queer Houses of Brooklyn

Nathan Vincent, “Locker Room”

Aubrey Longley-Cook with 34 community participants, “RuPaul Cross Stitch Animation Workshop – Front View,”

Queer Threads is on display in NYC (sigh.) through March 16.


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