Vintage Matchbooks

We drove out to Uncle Mikey’s in West Chicago the other weekend after seeing the delightful assortment of vintage odds and ends they’re always posting to Facebook. It was definitely worth the trip, and left to my own devices I probably would’ve come home with a lot more furniture than our car could actually hold (okay, so I wouldn’t necessarily actually made it home, with that the case, but would’ve tried in vain), we did find a number of other, smaller, vintage treasures.

The one I had to share was this collection of mid-century matchbooks. They were part of a much larger collection that I took a long time sifting through. I tried to keep my take-home reasonable, but it was so tough to narrow down the field with so many amazing designs to choose from. I settled on the classic Vegas casino books, and also ones from my homestate of Indiana. There are so many typefaces and decorative elements to discover in the designs, it’s amazing to think about how much effort went into designing these simple little giveaway items.

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