Top 6 New Baby Cards for Designers and Weirdos

Everyone’s having babies. Am I the only one having this experience? Every time I turn around, it seems like someone else is announcing their upcoming bundle of joy on Facebook. Good for them, but seriously, what’s a gal to do to find an appropriately cool baby card? Please no Hallmark sentiments about gifts from above. I mean, I did just say “bundle of joy” in the previous sentence, but that was with a sense of irony.

Never fear, gentle reader! Here are my top picks for new baby cards for designers, weirdos and those who, like me, appreciate a sense of irony. Cute, sure, but never cutesy.

Love this Preggers Card from Fugufugu Press. It’s a  little creepy, but look how how awesome the baby is doing that yoga move!

This pennant card from A. Favorite Design is cute, but in a vintage way, for your more middle of the road friends.

Perfect for the type nerd you know – Pram card from 1Canoe2

This Mama Sloth card from Laura Berger would be great for Mother’s Day or a new baby.


When “congratulations” just isn’t enough, this card from Brain Surgeons and Rocket Scientists gets the job done.


From one BFF to another, this Things I Almost Got You card from Able and Game.

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