Baseball Stamps, and Compromise

Ben’s birthday was last week and, admittedly, I was late in getting him a present. What can I say, you gotta wait until inspiration strikes. Luckily for me (and for him), it finally did. I came upon this professional baseball postage stamp from 1969 and was totally knocked out by the bold graphic look and great colors. There’s a fair number of these available on Ebay and I was able to get a sheet that’ll look great framed. When Ben and I first moved in together, we were the total cliche of the lady not letting the dude bring much of his stuff to the new place. So while that horrible futon or the half-broken TV stand definitely belonged in the alley where they ended up, these days I try, whenever possible, to find things to have in the house that we can both agree on. Like these stamps– what says “compromise” more than baseball (for him) and great design (for me)? Okay, and it’s true, baseball for me, too ; )



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