A Little Gosling

Two of my very favorite people, Ellen and Allyson, welcomed a one of my very favorite babies earlier this year. Okay, so I haven’t actually gotten to meet Baby J just yet, but I thoroughly enjoy watching him bounce and gurgle and coo from 1000 miles away. The new little family recently had some beautiful photos taken and I was touched to see that bibs I made for the little mister made an appearance in the photos.


Of the bibs that were sent in the welcome package for the little guy, my favorite featured felt letters spelling out a play on their names, along with “Gosling,” which they sometimes called the baby before he was born.

G-GFamily-043 It’s funny how babies can be so different from each other– Henry didn’t wear a single bib until he was eating solid food, but Baby J, as it turns out, is quite prolific spitter-upper and wears a bib basically always. So they were a good gift : )

Screen shot 2014-05-17 at 8.10.15 PMOh, and these beautiful photos were by Ellie Leonardsmith Photography.

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