C is for Cookie

I don’t cook. It’s a known fact in our house that if you need me to make dinner, prepare to eat cheese and crackers as your evening meal. That said, give me a lazy Sunday afternoon and suddenly I’m a baking and food-processing machine. Rarely are my concoctions very practical (unless you want a meal of chia seed pudding and green smoothies) but still, they’re generally pretty tasty.

Given that propensity for weekend baking, I’m totally into these fun, modern cookie cutters from Printmeneer.Every other household good seemd to have has gotten a modern makeover  in the last decade, so it was definitely time for cookie cutters to follow suite, don’t you think? Also, gotta love clever uses for a 3-D printer. Way better than all the alarmist news reports about those things. Futura cookies for the win!

Get your modern cookie on here.

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