Thank you, Indianapolis!

Big thanks to everybody who came out to last weekend’s Indieana Handicraft Exchange! Since I haven’t been doing as many fairs lately, I forget how fun it is to be out and see people’s reactions to my work, not to mention chat with fellow makers off-line for once!

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 7.54.37 PM

Most trips back home to Indiana I’m in and out so quick I feel like I don’t really get to do a whole lot, but I took a few extra days this time around to relax and see more folks that usual. I filled up my time with picnics, thrifting, a visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the best little ice cream stand in Greenwood, visiting on patios, fresh strawberry jam and dog time, not to mention finishing “The Fault in Our Stars” while I was there (appropriate since it’s based in Indy. Also, a total cry-fest.)

Looking forward, as always, to my next trip south to the Hoosier state!



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