Color Me Happy

I get crushes on certain colors. At various points in my life, there have been colors or color combo that became my touchstone. I wear it, paint it on my walls, gravitate toward anything to show it off. Once my tastes changes I’m often a little embarrassed about being so obsessed, but in the moment I’m pretty much helpless to that color’s charms. At 16 I insisted on painting my bedroom a sage green which was, looking back, probably better suited to someone middle-age and not a teenager listening to Ben Folds Five over and over. At 18 I was all about fuchsia and bright green together and shortly after, turquoise and leaf green combined.

More recently mustard yellow had my heart (this one’s not quite over yet), but lately I’ve found a new pairing taking over– shades of aqua, from bright turquoise to soft and minty, with pops of red, from fire engine to berry to neon pink. This combo has crept into nearly every room of my house, my Pinterest feed, and my brain. It’s versatile and unexpected, slightly more subtle than the combo of truly complementary colors, and totally my new obsession. Here are a few bits of eye-candy that may get you feeling it, too–

Michelle Armas via Design Milk.

Via Mor til Mernee

 Via Pinterest

 Miranda Skoczek via The Design Files

  Summer plums by Anek

 Paper lantern update from The House that Lars Built

 Marjorie Helen Thomas

Tropical Punch by Alejandra Hernandez

 Album cover via Let’s Look Up and Smile

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