Soviet Fabrics

I’ve written a few times about the soft spot I have for vintage Soviet design. I’m a fan of good design in any era, but there’s something fascinating and puzzling about so many of these pieces. Earlier era items mix propaganda with a (seemingly?) real sense of idealism, resulting in an effect that’s almost quaint. Later items have more of an edge, and as an American viewing them, they are all at once familiar and also slightly odd.

I came across a post about Soviet fabrics the other day and was totally fascinated by them. The patterns have a definite deco and constructivist feel, and remind me of something you’d find on an Ayn Rand book book cover. They incorporate all the requisite industrial touches, of course– factories and locomotives of a new, modern era, stoic workers gazing off into the distance toward the brighter tomorrow they’re helping to build. It’s a strange, romantic way to wear ideals literally on your sleeve.

via Leftways.

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