Everybody’s Got a Newsletter

Just a few years ago, the idea of connecting with someone/some brand you liked via email newsletter seemed old fashioned, but all of a sudden, newsletters have become cool again. Maybe it’s a newly cool branding of newsletter platforms like MailChimp and Tiny Letter, or the difficulty cutting through the chatter on social media to find the folks you actually want to hear from. Not to say that our inboxes aren’t full of other things, but email is always more personal than a Facebook update or Instagram post. Your address is in the to line, after all.

I’m no connoisseur of newsletters (and would love to hear of any others you might recommend), but here are my favorites, so far–

Ann Friedman Weekly

With a tagline like “low-maintenance ladyswagger,” it’s impossible to read Ann Friedman‘s excellent weekly newsletter and not want to be her bff. Ann shares the pieces she’s written that week, pie charts, the best-curated gifs on the internet, and the always-eclectic list of things she’s been reading that week. The arrive of this email every Friday is litterally the highlight of my week. Just sign up. You’ll thank me later.

Austin KleonArtist and writer Austin Kleon’s newsletter is a nice mix of self-promo and other interesting content. Each one features one of the “blackout poems” he’s become known for, and his links are a super well-curated selection of inspiration, both visual and written, from around the web.

A Series of TubesI am not a person who gets very into make-up, but Amanda Mattos’ A Series of Tubes features product reviews written not from one of those Youtube ladies wearing more eyeliner than you’ll use all year, but more like your Cool Girl coworker who always looks put together. The products she mentions are high end and low end, and, if nothing else, becomes my monthly reminder that wearing lipstick is maybe actually worth the effort.

Middle Finger ProjectI recently stumbled upon the Middle Finger Project and am so far enjoying their newsletter quite a bit. It’s a great kick in the pants for makers, entrepreneurs and others who have to sell themselves to new people all the time as part of their gig. And even for those who aren’t regularly trying to convince people to hire them, it’s still nice to get the occasional kick in the pants to remind you that you’re awesome.

Got a favorite newsletter that you look forward to in your inbox each week? I’d love to hear about it!

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