Best Toddler Halloween Costumes

This is the time of year to start thinking about Henry’s Halloween costume. This is probably one of the last chances I’ll get to come up with an idea pretty much without his input– by 3 I figure he’ll have a fairly good grasp on what Halloween is and he’ll be damned if he dresses up like the quirky idea Mama came up with. So given that, I’ve been scouring my brain, and the internet, for this year’s ideas. Ours is still in the works, but here are some of my favorite costume finds so far from other toddler parents who are killin’ it in the Halloween department.

Johnny Cash Seriously, how sweet is this mini-Johnny Cash? Love his tiny belt buckle, and hope he serenaded for his candy. Via Huffington Post.

Bird Wing CapeThis wing cape would be cute for everyday dress up, but also easily added to to make a quick and simple Halloween costume. Henry is zooming around the house pretending to fly half the time anyway, so he would especially appreciate this. Via Handmade Charlotte.

Royal TenenbaumsI know, it’s almost too much, right? Royal Tenenbaums Halloween costumes for kiddos is pretty much as hipster cliche as it comes. But they’re just so cute! Via Oh Happy Day.

Little Troll DollTroll dolls are due for a comeback, right? I love that this idea is all about the hair, so there are fewer moving parts to worry about the kiddo messing with, and maybe (just maybe) they’d forget about that gag on top of their head? Via Brit + Co.

Mini PrinceOh geez, how good is this baby Prince? That jacket, the ruffled collar, the jerry curl? I’m dying. Via Twisted Sifter.

Rockford PeachThis tiny Rockford Peach, a la “A League of Their Own,” is killing it with the cute. Who says boys get to be the only sports heros at Halloween, right? Via Team Shep.


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