I Sew, I Draw, I Knit & I Saw

Artists do lots of different things. It’s sort of the nature of the gig, right? You express yourself in one way for a while, and then you try something new. Different mediums, different genres– experimentation is the way to keep things fresh.

That said, it feels sometimes like the quest to “brand” things these days means that you get pigeonholed into making just one kind of work. It’s hard to be cohesive when you’re trying lots of different things, and all the rules tell you you’ve gotta have a consistent brand. So it’s always refreshing to come across a maker who’s not afraid to break the rules and put a bunch of different stuff out there.

Sandra Eterovic’s Etsy shop motto is “I sew, I draw, I knit & I saw,” and it pretty well sums up the range of work she makes– paintings, drawings, sculptures and pillows and more. Her work is charming, weird and never boring.

More here.

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