5 Things I Love Right Now

In the spirit of my “5 Things I Love Right Now” posts, I present a modified version– a few things that are just on my mind this week, and one that I love.

1. Election DayIt’s Election Day here in Illinois and a number of races, including the governor, are pretty tight. Voting has always been one of the best neighborhood experiences I’ve had in all of the places I’ve lived– every polling place I’ve ever been to, folks were so helpful and friendly, everyone there for the same reason and proud to be participating. Here’s hoping turnout is decent around the country today.

2. Pumpkin Pie

I’ve always had a thing for homemade pumpkin pie. About ten years ago I decided to try roasting my own pumpkin, and the taste was so much heartier than the canned, puried pies, I’ve never looked back.

This season we’ve been trying out a few different everyday pumpkin “pie” recipes, ranging from something of a pumpkin bake to an way too dense sort of pumpkin cake. Still haven’t quite stumbled on the best option for non-holiday occasions, but it’s been a tastey experiment.

3. DIY Reupholstery

I’ve been eyeballing reupholstery projects for a while now, but am still totally intimdated to take the plunge. Since nearly everything in our house is thrifted and 30+ years old, you can imagine that plenty of the pieces could use a little love. We came across a pretty simple little armchair over the weekend for $15– the fabric is hideous but it’s got good bones, so after the holidays I’m thinking that project may be my first upholstery experiment.

4. Dead ComputersIf there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few weeks of struggling to upgrade my 2007 laptop, it’s to do those annoying updates as they come. Otherwise you end up where I’m at– with a woefully out of date OS that won’t run anything anymore, and a suddenly out of commission CD drive that means I couldn’t update even if I wanted to. Sigh. New computer on the horizon? Right before the end of the year so I can write it off for 2014? We shall see, folks. We shall see.

5. Puff BallsYarn puff balls seem to be the new thing around the DIY internets. I mean, in my opinion they never went away– I’m still a sucker for a vintage 80’s puff ball hat. But it’s fun to see new, updated projects using puffballs, like this ball of puffs from the Purl Bee and the accompanying hat pattern.

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