At Home with Rockstars

One thing I truly appreciate about social media is that it can humanize people that we idolize. Before we got to see, for instance, what they’re having for breakfast, it was probably easier to get caught up in bigger than life personas, rock stars especially.

But of course just about everyone famous starts out as a regular person from a regular family. That’s why I love this Life Magazine photo series from 1971 of rockstars in their parents’ homes. Because nothing says “I’m just like you” than seeing a super famous person’s baby pictures framed on the mantle.

 I think Frank Zappa might be my favorite, not only because his outfit matches the walls, but seriously, look how square his parents are– it’s amazing. I love that Elton John’s mother and stepfather have his poster framed in their living room. Also, look at her matching boots/shirt combo! Richie Havens’ parents have the classic plastic-covered furniture, and notice the framed ttriptychof JFK, MLK and RFK on the buffet.  David Crosby looks like a little kid smiling next to his dad in this photo. I like the carefully laid out magazines in this shot, too.  This picture was a follow-up of one taken by the photographer while Grace Slick was pregnant.  This Donovon picture is funny to me because his outfit is totally something I could see a cool kid wearing today.

It’s much easier to think of rockstars as regular people after you’ve seen their parent’s terrible hair and ugly rugs, don’t you think?

via Pee Wee Herman.


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