Deep Dark Fears

I’ll admit it: when I’m in the bathroom late at night, I always move the shower curtain to one side in case someone’s hiding behind it. Every single time. Before closing the door, before getting out my toothbrush, the shower curtain is opened immediately.

In my overactive imagination, there’s clearly a zombie hiding behind the shower curtain before I open it up. When I admitted this fear to Ben a while back, he asked the obvious question: Why would a zombie hide? They’re not exactly known for subtly sneaking up on people. Of course it’s a totally valid point, but these kind of deep dark fears aren’t governed by rationality. It’s exactly why for me, these shower zombies are totally real, but to you it sounds crazy– viewed from the outside, these kind of fears usually seem silly and ridiculous.

This point is driven home by illustrator Fran Krause’s series, “Deep Dark Fears,” which started as a collection of his own personal fears, and now includes stranger’s strange phobias as well.

via Bored Panda


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