My golden days for alley picking may be behind me. It’s sad to have to say that aloud (or write it, actually). Maybe Chicagoans hold onto the really good stuff more than other places, but it’s been a few years since I found a really great trash treasure. That said, I could still take you for a tour of the pieces still in my house that were dumpstered in each of the cities I lived in in my 20s– a slightly water-damaged Lane midcentury lowboy and amusing RISD-student painting castoffs from Providence, metal rolling cart from Indianapolis, etc.

People throw away some pretty amazing things, and few projects drive that home as well as #SetInTheStreet, a project from photographerJustin Bettman and set designer Gözde Eker that turned the streets of NYC into magical “rooms” throughout last summer.Just as interesting as the sets they actually create, the pair used a keen eye to use the setting outside the piece for maximum effect as well. Scouting locations that would contrast or building on the room the created, their work creates a totally surreal, interactive world within a world. Based on these incredible images, the moral of the story might be that a need to move to New York to find better alley furniture?

via Feature Shoot.

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