Stuff I Love Right Now

1. Studio on Fire Letterpress Calendar

I like to get a new decorative calendar for the studio every year, and this year I settled on this little letterpress beaut from Studio on Fire. The theme is folklore, so of course I was sold. Every month it’s like a tiny new work of art on my desk– I love it.

2. VeepYou know how sometimes you have those old friends that you take for granted because they’ve been around forever, and then they do something that jolts you awake and you think, “Oh my gosh, were they always this cool?” That’s how I feel about Julia Louis Dreyfus. Rewatching Seinfeld the last year or so, I kept thinking about how great Elaine was, how dimensional and hilarious she made that character. Recently we started watching Veep and I can’t remember laughing so much at a single show. Seriously, every time she comes up with another terrible nickname for Jonah the White House liaison, I’m dying.

3. Brussels SproutsBrussels sprouts are totally my new favorite vegetable– I can’t get enough of them. I’m considering trying to grow some of our own next year, partly because I like them so much and, okay, I admit it, also because they look so extraterrestrial growing on those weird, tall stalks.

4. Teeny Tiny Paintbrushes


I’ve been experimenting with painting lately and have been on the hunt for the right teeny, tiny paintbrush to make perfectly flowing lines. I guess when I say that right now I love teeny, tiny paintbrushes it’s probably more accurate to say that I love the idea of them, since none of mine seem to be performing to their full potential. Once I find that perfect one, though, you can be sure I’m going to be a happy camper.

5. Oscar IsaacIs it weird to put a person on my list? I feel like a junior high fangirl adding this, but I’m totally into the actor Oscar Isaac right now. Inside Llewyn Davis was one of my favorite films last year, and I found his performance so engaging, I couldn’t take my eyes off him on screen. I’m excited to see that he’s gotten some big roles since (um, Star Wars, what?) and we went to see A Most Violent Year last weekend, which wasn’t great, but he was interesting in it. Also, he looks 20 years older in that movie– it’s totally crazy.

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