Herman Marie

Years ago, I curated a show at Renegade Handmade (the now-closed brick and mortar outpost of Renegade Craft Fair) that included a piece by Kim Laurenti’s I Love Grey Skies in the show. I loved the haunting yet sweet feel of her mook pieces, and was thrilled to have her as part of that show. Then a few weeks back, while browsing Etsy’s suggestions of things I might like, I came upon the Herman Marie shop and instantly fell in love. These painted wood wall hangings were weird and a little melancholy and totally charming. And I was delighted to see that the shop was actually a new(er) project from none other than I Love Grey Skies’ Kim. Small world, right?

I was actually lucky enough to receive one of Kim’s Herman Marie pieces for Christmas this year. Someone in my house has a habit of looking through my Etsy favorites for present ideas– pretty good dude, eh? I still haven’t decided on the perfect place for my new bear, but for now he looks pretty happy peering out from behind my computer monitor.



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