Mad Men’s End, and What Draper Wore

I started re-watching Mad Men last week. A few months ago I thought that it would be fun (slash obsessive) to rewatch the whole series in anticipation of the finale in a few weeks. Even with my binge-watching tendencies, I know I will not be making it through 7 1/2 seasons over the next two weeks. That said, it’s been fun to go back to the start and see just how different the show was– back when Joan played dumb and Peggy was mousy, Pete tried to get on Don’s good side and Betty bit her tongue, back when we used to think Don Draper might not be such a terrible guy. Don’t worry, that last one went away quick.


In the GQ interview with Jon Hamm that came out recently (and is worth a read. Gotta love a guy who loves his dog), there was a link to a slideshow of everything Don Draper has ever worn on the series.Don

Though my personal favorite may be this outfit, if you’re a fanatic and weirdo like you, looking through the photos is nearly as good as rewatching the series itself. Heck, maybe I’ll just look through at 491 of the pictures in anticipation of the end. That’ll make Don’s final grey suit all the sweeter.

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