Peggy Olson Gets Dressed

A few weeks back I shared the site that’s cataloged everything Don Draper has worn over seven seasons of Mad Men. Not to be outdone, the internet also contains a comprehensive listing of every Peggy Olsen outfit, from ponytailed graduate of Miss Deaver’s Secretarial School, to power player business lady. Not only is it eye candy for vintage lovers, it really is a study of the changing era, and one particular woman’s journey.

peggy-olson-s6e9-so-60s-busy-red-pattern_gallery_primarypeggy-olson-s1e5-small-check-blue-white-collar_gallery_primarypeggy-olson-s3e13-belted-brown-business-bow_gallery_primarymadmen-peggy Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.26.36 PMpeggy-olson-s5e2-loud-green-peter-pan-red-bow_gallery_primaryDon-Peggy-The-Suitcase-4-07-don-and-peggy-23088957-1280-720 peggy-olson-s6e9-gold-white-bands-nun_gallery_primarypeggy-olson-s1e8-double-collar-subdued-purples_gallery_primaryAnd in case you needed another reminder of why Peggy is totally the best, this is a good refresher.


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