Spring Photos

Suddenly spring is here, huh? Our lilac bush just burst into flower in the last day or so, and even on rainy days, it’s not the cold rain anymore– it’s the kind that bring breezes and the smell of mud and growing things. I think the season has been good for me. I’ve been feeling productive in the studio, and also finding time for yardwork and kid stuff and some other fun projects. Here are a few shots from Instagram over the past few weeks, in case you missed them.

Saturday Desk

Saturday workspace and list-making.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg buttons

New Ruth Bader Ginsburg buttons. One will ship with every puppet from now on!


Daffodils getting ready to bloom.

Joan Harris puppets

Bringing back the Joan from Mad Men design to honor of “the end of an era.”


Growing things.

Henry's birthday

Henry turned three, complete with horseshoe magnet and green frog raincoat.

Bald Ira Glass

Every wondered what Ira Glass would look like bald? Here’s your answer.

Frida Kahlo puppets in progress

Frida Kahlo puppets in progress on my new yellow cafeteria tray.



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