Lisa Frank Goes Feminist

If you grew up in the late 80s/early 90s like I did, Lisa Frank was an inevitability. Your Trapper Keeper was either for her or against her, measured in cuddly kittens, bff dolphins or technicolor tigers, or– if you were a hater– hot rods or horses. As I grew from child of Lisa to conscious cultural observer, it was important to embrace more critical narratives. You know, the kind that don’t normally involve unicorns.

But finally, I no longer have to choose between the two parts of my being– Feminist Lisa Frank lets me embrace both bell hooks and technicolor animals. It’s about friggin’ time.

Feminist Lisa FrankSadly, as the Lisa Frank company has been revealed to be not so magical in their inner-workings, they are apparently not fans of this site. Sad to see people can’t take a joke/don’t want to be associated with female empowerment even though you make all your money off tween girls? Boo.



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