Pattern Security

I’ve grown to accept that there are things that were commonplace in my childhood that my son will never get. This is inevitable, of course– my mom talked about Howdy Doody, and I’ll tell Henry stories about MTV actually playing music (if he even knows what MTV is). But it occurs to me that with the small amount of paper snail that I still get, he’ll certainly receive even less, and maybe none at all, so he may never know the pleasure that is a lovely security envelope pattern. I coveted these as a kid whenever my mom left a particularly good specimen laying around after paying bills, and I remember trying to copy the patterns in ballpoint pen. Of course my lines were never as reliable, or as straight, but I always felt like these fascinating patterns deserved more.

This Flickr group was created to document and celebrate the art of the security envelope pattern, and for a weirdo like me, it’s a magical, nostalgic place. Finally the security pattern gets the attention it deserves.

Via Joseph King on Flickr.



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