Queer Icons

The last few weeks have been momentous– a mixture of triumph and tragedy, successes and setbacks. From Charleston to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, singular moments of protest around the confederate flag and a movement that is far from finished, it’s a lot to sit with all at once. These types of ambiguities–loss, joy– are celebrated in Queer Icons, a series by photographer Gabriel García Román.Queer Icons features powerful portraits of queer activists of color transformed into religious icons. The photo collages borrowing Catholic symbolism, royal colors and jewel tones, hand-written poems and classical patterns, and exist as a critique and protest against art history– and history in general– that so rarely features voices or images from this community. And the results are stunning.queericons_1queericons_2See the full series on García Román’s website.

Via NPR.


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