Team CoCo

The shop is coming up on a big 10 year milestone next month, and given that I’ve been at this puppet game for so long, it’s probably not too surprising that sometimes I find that I’ve totally forgotten designs I did back in the day. Case in point: I stumbled upon this old Conan O’Brien design.Conan

How funny is this one, right? I’m still really into this design. If I made it today, I’m not sure it would turn out a whole lot different that this 2008-era puppet. My “drop it onto a sheet of white cardstock” photo method leaves a little to be desired, however ; )

I also found this image I mocked-up with the Late Night logo. Old school fans may remember that I did these sort of backgrounds with puppets for the first few years to give them a little context.conan-with-background

Ten years of puppets is a whole lot of puppets! Who knows what other designs I’ve forgotten and will discover later on!

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