Everybody is Frida

Frida Kahlo is one of those historical figures that just about everyone likes. This mass appeal means that as she’s become mainstream, though, it’s easier to forget what a revolutionary she truly was. Like so many other cultural icons, Frida’s story has become sanitized over the years and it’s easy to forget the aspects that truly set her apart–a bisexual, Marxist, woman artist of color working in a time when any of those identities counted you out of the mainstream entirely. Even as big of a fan as I am, it was only last year that someone mentioned was an icon Frida is in the disability community. A survivor of polio and a catastrophic bus accident, it’s rarely mentioned the example she set in engaging so fully in life at a time when disability was not something to be talked about, let alone displayed in public. All these revolutionary aspects of her life get glossed over for the quirky but safe version of Frida we see so often.

It’s exactly Frida’s otherness, though, that draws people into her art and continues to make her story relevant. This revolutionary Frida is the spirit that’s captured in Todos Podem Ser Frida (All Can Be Frida), a photography series from Brazillian artist Camila Fontenele de Miranda. The project features gorgeous photos of people “being” Frida, complete with flowers, brows, and richly-detailed textiles. Featuring models of an array of genders, races, sexual identities, and ages, the series draws power from the revolutionary statement that being a person like Frida continues to be today.Todos Podem Ser FridaTodos Podem Ser Frida Todos Podem Ser FridaTodos Podem Ser FridaTodos Podem Ser Frida Todos Podem Ser FridaTodos Podem Ser Frida Todos Podem Ser FridaVia Bust


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