The Green Stove

The house we bought has an old stove. An old stove, friends. Old, as in easily over 50 years. As in atomic-mid-century-star-decorative-details kind of old. But lovely– it really is lovely. Only problem is that that lovely stove pumps out carbon monoxide like you wouldn’t believe. Sigh.

In my dreams, though, if I can’t have a non-deadly midcentury modern, I think something along the lines of this emerald beauty would do. Do you think they carry these at Home Depot?

via More Design Please.

Wall Chairs

I was just having a conversation the other day about storing chairs high up on the wall. A friend had never seen this before and wondered why on earth the extra chair from dinner was going above the doorframe. I remembered it as being a trick that Amish family used where I grew up, since they needed plenty of chairs for meals or when guests came over, but didn’t need to be tripping over all those extras the rest of the time. Then I happened upon this photo over at DesignSponge and wonder if it’s maybe something people do all over the world?

Personally, I always loved how this storage method could turn a utilitarian object very suddenly into a kind of art piece on display. It gave you a chance to really marvel at the beauty of those old handmade chairs.

What do you think– have you seen chairs stored high up on the wall? Do you do it? Do you like it?

No Sew Blinds

As an apartment-dweller, curtains are not really at the top of my decorating to-do list. I’m fully of aware of how great they can make a room, and I admittedly loathe the site of mini-blinds, but for whatever reason, they’re just not something I can make myself commit to. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to pay for them, or maybe its because I feel like it’s hard to find a solution somewhere in between ugly, out of date lace options and McMansion “window treatments”. What’s a middle of the road, probably-gonna-move-in-6-months cheapskate such as myself supposed to do?

Well, in another great DIY from over at Scoutie Girl, these no-sew blinds may just be the answer. With just a little tweaking, the frame from existing mini-blinds is transformed into a sleek, fabric shade. Genius!

See the whole project here (and in my living room soon!).

Creative Workspaces

This post on FlavorWire features a collection of photos of desks of famous creatives. They offer a fascinating peek into each person’s process and how they think about things.

Tina Fey

Milton Glaser

Woody Allen

Albert Einstein

Roald Dahl

I relate most probably to Dahl’s because he, like me, works from a comfy chair instead of a desk. It actually makes me wonder about whether, in this age of laptops, very many of us do really work at desks anymore. What about you– where do you work from?

Via Etsy Blog

Vintage Bazaar Treasures

The Vintage Bazaar has quickly become one of my favorite events in the city. I went for the first this time last year (hard to believe it was actually that long ago) and have been looking forward to this spring’s show, now in a larger location and, even better, in our neighborhood! The event featured about 50 vendors selling amazing vintage wares from clothes to housewares to furniture to art. And best of all, the prices were so reasonable, I couldn’t help but bring home an armload of treasures.

Above are my first finds– the Indiana ashtray will be a birthday present for a friend (unless I decide I can’t part with it, that is), handmade fabric-covered buttons (not vintage, but awesome) and the large Loud Mouth button for days when I’m feeling sassy.

Ben spotted this wonderful McCoy turtle planter and it melted my heart the moment I laid eyes on it. Look at what a happy little guy he is! Plus, one of my goals for the day was to find a planter that was deep enough to actually keep a plant happy. Check!

And finally, at one of the very last booths we visited, I came across this vintage cabinet, totally reasonably priced (only $45!) and so charming with those little display shelves. It appears to have been a kitchen cabinet in it’s former life, but I think it looks just as good sitting on the floor as a side table/plant stand, don’t you? It’s a nice little change-up for our living room.

Overall, it was an excellent event, and I’m so happy with the treasures we brought home. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Yellow Kitchen, Aqua Living Room

As much as I admire people who can decorate around white walls and pull off a sleek, modern look, I know it’s just not me. Minimalism has never been my strong suit, and neither is white. Instead, I crave color. While catching up on some Apartment Therapy home tours recently, I was struck by the people who choose to commit to bold wall colors (especially some gorgeous blues and yellows). Someday, when I’m no longer an apartment-dweller, this will definitely be me, and till then, I’ll just live vicariously through other people’s colors.