Meet the Maker Feature

Last week I was featured in the “Meet the Maker” series on Lucky Break Consulting’s very useful blog. Remember last month I said I needed a new headshot? Yeah, it was for this. Meet the Maker Abbey HambrightThe interview was a fun opportunity to reflect on my process and my work a bit more than usual, including why I’ve decided that the whole “quit your day job” idea that gets floated around a lot in crafter circles just isn’t for me. Oh, and I also reveal my favorite Kurt Vonnegut quote (how to choose!).You can read the full interview here, and I’d encourage you to check out the whole Meet the Maker series for some great advice. Also, a big thanks to my friend Jason of Burton and Levy— himself a Meet the Maker interviewee a few months back– for suggesting me for this series.

Schmancy Toys Interview

I was interviewed for the Schmancy Toys blog this week. I’ve been selling with them for years now– they actually featured an interview with me prior to the Plush You show almost exactly four years ago.journalcrunch_logoIt’s a little crazy to read back through that one and see what’s changed, and this new interview was a nice opportunity to reflect on where things are right now. Plus I got to think about stories I hadn’t thought about in a long time–puppets at the White House, finger puppet engagement photos, plus the advice I would give to my early 20’s self.Ira Glass puppets in progressRead the article for all the juicy details ; )

Buzzfeed Feature!

I found out last night that my Don Draper puppet was featured on Buzzfeed yesterday. We haven’t caught up on this week’s episode, but luckily there are no spoilers ; )

A friend noticed, but I later got an email from Etsy about the listing getting a lot of traffic– that’s a new feature, eh? Anyway, if you’re looking for the #4 best thing to get a Mad Men superfan, I’ve gotcha covered.

Now what do you think– time to break out Peggy and Joan designs again? Everyone knows those two are way better than Don anyway.

Desktop15Check out the full Buzzfeed feature (“Not great, Bob!”) here.


Travel + Leisure Mention

So this is pretty cool– in the midst of holiday craziness back in December, I failed to notice (as in I only Google my business name for press late a night when I can’t sleep every couple months) that I was name checked in an article in Travel + Leisure magazine. Pretty cool!

Schmancy Toys in Seattle was featured in an article on “World’s Greatest Toy Stores” and my Johnny Cash and Steve Marting puppets are mentioned among the other super cool things Kristen carries over there. Nothing like a little press feature to make a gal smile in the middle of her mindless internet searching!

Buzzfeed + Grand Reopening

What a nice surprise on a Friday night: I reopened the Etsy shop (which I hadn’t even had a chance to announce here on the blog yet) and promptly got featured on Buzzfeed. Good way to start a weekend, eh?

Picture 1I have to say that I’m glad to be featured in the “Hand spun and romantic” category. I mean, it’s better than awkward, right?

And oh yeah– The shop‘s back open! Here’s to 2013!

Busy Beaver Blog Feature

There’s a little interview with me over on the Busy Beaver Button Co. blog today talking about why I make custom buttons. Did you know that nearly every package I send out has a tiny 1″ version of the puppet inside accompanying it? Yep! All of my Busy Beaver buttons are handmade in Chicago using locally sourced, recycled steel. Okay, so maybe I’m biased (it is my day job, after all), but their buttons are seriously the best! And I hear their Customer Service department is pretty swell, too ; )

You can read all about why I make buttons here.