Fav DIY Home Projects

I can never get my head around doing DIY projects in the winter. I guess it’s counter intuitive since the cold means being stuck inside for months, but maybe it’s the fact that you can’t open windows or set things outside to dry? For whatever reason, I tend to get the DIY itch only in the temperate months. So with spring on the horizon, these projects have caught my imagination. (Whether anything actually materializes, well, that’s another story…)

How to paint vinyl floors. I find this idea super intriguing because 75% of our living space is super ugly (though otherwise perfectly functional) vinyl. The bathroom especially is that kind of country blue pattern that was all the rage in 1993 (though inexcusable because its not nearly that old). I have big plans to give this painting technique a shot.

Sharpie wallpaper. I know, you’re thinking “How did I not coming up with that sooner?” Low investment/quick payoff projects suite me best, so this simple (and easy to change my mind about and recover later) wall decorating idea is just my speed.

DIY Sandbox. This project is a bit more involved than what I’d normally do (read: involves power tools) but it would make such a perfect summer play space for the little man. Our block is overrun with outdoor cats (we have a neighbor who keeps/feeds at least 15) that claim all empty pots, flower beds, etc, so a sandbox with cover is a necessity for us and I like how simple this design in. Way sleeker than the old green plastic turtle one I played in.

Check back and see if anything actually comes of any of this DIY dreaming. Here’s to warmer weather and new projects!

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