Just the Tips

For those of us who pin a million things and find that we never actually try any of them (um, that’s all of us, right?), Just the Tips actually tries them out. Two bffs try out advice and projects of magazines and the internet and the results are (as things from the internet tend to be) a little ridiculous. And totally worth watching.

P.S. I found out about this series from the Ann Friedman email newsletter, also totally worth subscribing to.

Frightfully Funny

Let it be known that I am not a fan of haunted houses. I never found much joy in scary myself for fun, so those kinds of fall amusements never appealed much to me. But, having said that, I discovered that looking at photos of other people getting scared out of their wits is actually quite fascinating, not to mention hilarious.

Nightmare Fear Factory is a haunted house in Niagara Falls, Canada that takes (and posts to Flickr) photos of visitors during one particularly terrifying moment. People’s reactions are, well, priceless. See for yourself below. Oh, and happy Halloween, friends!

Hey, Girl. I mean…Woman.

If you haven’t already heard about Feminist Ryan Gosling, I’m here to bring a little gender politics joy to your day, my friends. Taking off on the “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling meme (which, I’ll admit, I don’t totally understand. I’m always a little late to the meme-party), Feminist Ryan is a combo of the thinking-gal’s It Man plus an internet version of Feminist theory flashcards. It is, in my opinion, pretty much brilliant. Plus, as a soc major, I can feel good about myself recalling Fausto-Sterling’s theories of sex, Hill Collins intersectionality  and Foucault’s structuralism and feel like maybe my degree wasn’t a total waste!

See all the Gosling Feminist goodness for yourself here.