Lisa Frank Goes Feminist

If you grew up in the late 80s/early 90s like I did, Lisa Frank was an inevitability. Your Trapper Keeper was either for her or against her, measured in cuddly kittens, bff dolphins or technicolor tigers, or– if you were a hater– hot rods or horses. As I grew from child of Lisa to conscious cultural observer, it was important to embrace more critical narratives. You know, the kind that don’t normally involve unicorns.

But finally, I no longer have to choose between the two parts of my being– Feminist Lisa Frank lets me embrace both bell hooks and technicolor animals. It’s about friggin’ time.

Feminist Lisa FrankSadly, as the Lisa Frank company has been revealed to be not so magical in their inner-workings, they are apparently not fans of this site. Sad to see people can’t take a joke/don’t want to be associated with female empowerment even though you make all your money off tween girls? Boo.


New Favorite Thing: Teenage Bedrooms on Screen

I’m the kind of person who finds myself watching movies for the sets. Not that I don’t pay attention to interesting characters or great plot twists, but something about the background scenery always draws me in, whether it’s the pictures on the walls, or the couch in the background. I can often be found exclaiming in the middle of a scene, “Did you see that lamp?!” (usually to the annoyance of whoever happens to be watching with me.)

Unsurprisingly, the Teenage Bedrooms on Screen tumblr is pretty much my new favorite thing. With a mind-bogglingly large collection of images, it chronicles the teen bedroom both in movies, on TV and the occasional real teen’s bedroom (usually from a celebrity’s promo shot). I highly recommend checking this one out for yourself, but here are a few highlights–

tumblr_ni8p9ehD6J1r0fzoyo5_1280tumblr_nja16qD6601r0fzoyo9_1280tumblr_mxz079QMVb1shllh8o1_500 tumblr_nbni55UX8M1r0fzoyo1_1280 tumblr_nhryxbOYlA1r0fzoyo3_1280 tumblr_nhxjryog791r0fzoyo7_1280   tumblr_njml6rpNMt1r0fzoyo2_1280 tumblr_njtscalMQX1r0fzoyo2_1280 tumblr_njwa95N6NN1r0fzoyo1_1280 tumblr_nkx9auIn931r0fzoyo1_1280 tumblr_nlo9tyD6kP1r0fzoyo3_r1_1280

At Home with Rockstars

One thing I truly appreciate about social media is that it can humanize people that we idolize. Before we got to see, for instance, what they’re having for breakfast, it was probably easier to get caught up in bigger than life personas, rock stars especially.

But of course just about everyone famous starts out as a regular person from a regular family. That’s why I love this Life Magazine photo series from 1971 of rockstars in their parents’ homes. Because nothing says “I’m just like you” than seeing a super famous person’s baby pictures framed on the mantle.

 I think Frank Zappa might be my favorite, not only because his outfit matches the walls, but seriously, look how square his parents are– it’s amazing. I love that Elton John’s mother and stepfather have his poster framed in their living room. Also, look at her matching boots/shirt combo! Richie Havens’ parents have the classic plastic-covered furniture, and notice the framed ttriptychof JFK, MLK and RFK on the buffet.  David Crosby looks like a little kid smiling next to his dad in this photo. I like the carefully laid out magazines in this shot, too.  This picture was a follow-up of one taken by the photographer while Grace Slick was pregnant.  This Donovon picture is funny to me because his outfit is totally something I could see a cool kid wearing today.

It’s much easier to think of rockstars as regular people after you’ve seen their parent’s terrible hair and ugly rugs, don’t you think?

via Pee Wee Herman.

Everybody’s Got a Newsletter

Just a few years ago, the idea of connecting with someone/some brand you liked via email newsletter seemed old fashioned, but all of a sudden, newsletters have become cool again. Maybe it’s a newly cool branding of newsletter platforms like MailChimp and Tiny Letter, or the difficulty cutting through the chatter on social media to find the folks you actually want to hear from. Not to say that our inboxes aren’t full of other things, but email is always more personal than a Facebook update or Instagram post. Your address is in the to line, after all.

I’m no connoisseur of newsletters (and would love to hear of any others you might recommend), but here are my favorites, so far–

Ann Friedman Weekly

With a tagline like “low-maintenance ladyswagger,” it’s impossible to read Ann Friedman‘s excellent weekly newsletter and not want to be her bff. Ann shares the pieces she’s written that week, pie charts, the best-curated gifs on the internet, and the always-eclectic list of things she’s been reading that week. The arrive of this email every Friday is litterally the highlight of my week. Just sign up. You’ll thank me later.

Austin KleonArtist and writer Austin Kleon’s newsletter is a nice mix of self-promo and other interesting content. Each one features one of the “blackout poems” he’s become known for, and his links are a super well-curated selection of inspiration, both visual and written, from around the web.

A Series of TubesI am not a person who gets very into make-up, but Amanda Mattos’ A Series of Tubes features product reviews written not from one of those Youtube ladies wearing more eyeliner than you’ll use all year, but more like your Cool Girl coworker who always looks put together. The products she mentions are high end and low end, and, if nothing else, becomes my monthly reminder that wearing lipstick is maybe actually worth the effort.

Middle Finger ProjectI recently stumbled upon the Middle Finger Project and am so far enjoying their newsletter quite a bit. It’s a great kick in the pants for makers, entrepreneurs and others who have to sell themselves to new people all the time as part of their gig. And even for those who aren’t regularly trying to convince people to hire them, it’s still nice to get the occasional kick in the pants to remind you that you’re awesome.

Got a favorite newsletter that you look forward to in your inbox each week? I’d love to hear about it!

Slo Mo Forever

Oh, you guys. I was recently introduced to this mash-up of every Wes Anderson slow-mo sequence set to The Shins and, well, that’s my name, right there, written all the frig over this thing.

Of course I love the Margot-getting-off-the-bus scene but it may be the brothers Darjeeling walking to The Kinks (which makes me cry, every single time) that’s my favorite. The feel is different with The Shins, sure, but isn’t it nice to revisit all the characters you love all in one place?

Which is your fave Wes Anderson slow mo moment?

Librarians are Cool

While the image of librarians has traditionally been all about thick glasses and sensible shoes, these days it seems like ideas about them are changing. Now hipper concepts like access to information and digital media are more and more what people think of when they imagine a librarian (not to mention that those glasses are suddenly cool). Enter Library Journal tumblr. What would Library Journal have to talk about on the hipsterest of all hipster blog platforms? How about quirky vintage book discoveries, so-bad-they’re-good memes, infographics, #librariansasteenagers-tagged photos and, oh yeah, lots and lots of RuPaul gifs. Librarians and non-librarians alike, it’s worth a look.